Permanence you can be proud of

A broad term for a broad range of products, from business cards, to brochures and adshells to exhibitions (plus everything in-between). Print covers everything that needs to be physically and tangibly displayed.
Design for print is a completely different animal from digital design. Audiences deal with printed matter in a different way, from the way they read it to the way they handle it. So designing for print is more than just something that looks nice. We think about paper (a lot), we think about textures, weights and finishes… after all if you want to put it in print we want it to look the business and do the job. We have a number of printing partners who specialise in different media and formats, so you know we’ll use the right printer for the job. That said, you are welcome to use the printer of your choice and we will simply provide you with the suitable files you need.
Unlike digital media, which can be modified as and when, if it’s printed – it’s permanent. That’s why we can also offer a full proofreading service to give you complete peace of mind.
Our print team have been working with printed media for over 25 years – and can confidently say we are pretty darn good at it, if that doesn’t give you peace of mind, well we don’t know what will..?

The process


TAKING THE BRIEF: This can be done over the phone, web or in person, as you prefer. We discuss the parameters (size, format, target audience, use etc.) and work out a schedule for the project as a whole.

For multi-page or multiple image jobs we will include image sourcing or asset exchange timelines as well.

Once we have the full brief we will be able to provide a quote to you for both design and print (if needed).


DESIGN CONCEPTS: Once we have all or sufficient assets in place, we will submit a style concept to you in PDF form.

Generally this is presented via email as a PDF.

This stage in the proceedings depends very much on the number of iterations and amends but, as always, there will be no additional charges applied unless the brief changes.


APPROVAL: For smaller projects, approval after stage 2 will mean we move directly onto stage 4. However, for larger projects, once the styling is approved we will move to complete the overall design. For multi-page briefs this may be completed in sections.

These will be supplied to you for final approval prior to artworking and print.

Now is the time we would need to know if you require a proofreading service.


ARTWORK & PRINT: If all of the amends/adjustments have been made and approved, we will artwork your files, rendering your document into a print ready format. Depending on the size of the project, this process can take a little time.

Once artworked, your files will be sent either by us, or by you to a printer/producer of your choice and delivered an address of your choosing.