Looking for a creative and unique gift?

Well, look no further, we have the perfect one-stop-shop for you! The name is Beechwood Trinkets and they are a local company based in Devon. They create the most wonderful things from Rustic Metal sheet, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They produce all sorts from animal silhouettes, signage, ornaments (in or outdoor), letters, and or numbers… it all has one common theme, it’s wonderful – and no we aren’t on commision!

We stumbled upon them at a Christmas Fair and immediately bought a few things as well as giving them a commission. We were so impressed that we just had to shout about them and I can honestly say that the quality of workmanship is unlike anything I have seen elsewhere.

So, if you have a gift to buy for someone, have a corporate sign to create, or just want to treat yourself then just have a look at what they do here: beechwoodtrinkets.com