Who do you want to be?

Simply put, branding is the representation, as a whole, of what you or your company do. From the colours you display, the fonts you apply and the tone of voice you use – it’s the complete picture. A logo will undoubtedly form a part of the overall branding, but it is not the sole focus.

So, whether you are creating a new brand, evolving an old one or modernising your look, a branding project is what you are looking for.

Our promise

There is no ‘one size fits all’, what we do depends very much on your need. We do however, offer the same promise for all: The price we quote is the price you pay and not a penny more (unless you change the brief!). We keep going until you are happy – it’s that simple. It’s something we are very proud to be able to offer and sets us apart from our competition.

The process


​INITIAL MEETINGS: To see if we are a good fit for you. There is no commitment until we are given the brief which can happen now or at a 2nd meeting.

Once we have the brief, we will agree with you an approximate timeline for the project taking into account any national and or personal holidays.


DESIGN/DEVELOP: The presentation stage, where you get to see what we have been creating for you. Presentation via email (PDF) or Zoom/Facetime, whichever you prefer.

This stage is often the longest, as we keep going until you are happy with the final result.


FINISH: Once we have approval from the concepts presented, we fine tune, polish to perfection and artwork any designs we have put together for you, making sure they are tip-top in every way.

You will be presented the result once more before stage 5 to make sure nothing has been missed.


DELIVER: So we have your approval – check, we have the designs – check. So now we collate all of the assets created within the project and supply them to you in a usable form for multiple media application (if required). 

You have a shiny new brand and we have a happy client – THE END.