Once upon a time in Hollywood

So, it’s been a while since I have been speechless, but this film left me just so…

Given the cast (spectacularly A- list), we were very excited to see it and had been anticipating some QT with QT – but seriously Quentin – What the…

The best thing about this movie is Brad Pitt’s character who is funny and entertaining and is the only thing that made me stay to the end.

No detriment to the actors, who each played their roles exceptionally well, but the movie was as dull as dishwater. Was it bizarre – yes, in true QT style, but entertaining? Not really.

There were lots of what seemed like pointless dead end snippits, which I confess I thought might all come together in the end, but no, they were simply what they were – pointless sidetracking.

Was it a little comic book style gruesome? Oh yes, there was some classic bloodletting – but then this is Quentin Tarrantino so you should expect that.

What little humour there is, is very good, but I am sorry to say that this movie left me wanting, wanting to go home and eat my Popcorn elsewhere.

My advice? Wait to see it on the telly and save your money, this just simply isn’t worth the trip out!

Just so you know…

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