FREE Marketing in a post Covid world

So the last couple of years have been tough – tough on everyone, and for running your business. Too many unknowns, not enough footfall…and no knowing when it will all come to an end.

But it looks like we are out of the woods and Covid might be just another thing we learn to live with. So what to do now? Businesses are back open with no current restrictions, but people are still wary and you don’t want to spend a fortune right? Well here are some pointers to a FREE marketing strategy that may just give your business the lift it needs.

Primarily, whatever your business, you need to make sure that you are still talking with your customers – whether they are other businesses or end-users – maintaining that contact is key. It doesn’t need to cost the earth either, you can engage using social media platforms, your website/blog as well as face to face.

Every business is unique, but no one knows your customers like you do, and to continue keeping them engaged you need to think how they think. What are they reading, where are they reading it? Are they members of specific forums, online groups? Head to where they are heading and make contact. As previously mentioned, it doesn’t need to be complex or expensive, it can be as simple as ‘we are still open for business, how can we help?’. You need to let your client base and potential new customers know that you are still here.

Perhaps you have new processes in place, post Covid? If so, then share them, that will reassure your customers and encourage them to contact you, come see you, work with you. Do you have any news to share, such as special offers, new products, new services and so on – whatever it is, get it out there and start engaging again.

There are so many social media channels, you can use just words, just images, full articles or combine all three, you can be as short or lengthy as you like – but make sure you are targetting the right ones. Not only is it a waste of your time to post in the wrong place, it can also do more harm than good if you are blanket marketing to the wrong target audience. So, do your research and then reach out.

If you are not into social media, don’t want to be in social media, or it simply isn’t appropriate for your field then use another medium. You can send an email newsletter, or you can contact all your clients personally either by a simple letter or a phone call – whichever way you, and they, prefer.

All of the above are FREE, all they will cost you is your time (which we understand is still vauable). If you do want to invest a little or you want to get someone else to invest their time, then it doesn’t cost much to get a social media advert or communication set up and the beauty of it is that you can use it again and again. All it needs to do is to make sure your potential and current customers know that you are still going strong and open for business. Or, you can have the same kind of thing designed for print and mail it out to current and potential customers. A targetted mail shot may be old school but it can be very effective in the right scenario.

The rest is up to you, so why are you still reading – start communicating… you never know, you might enjoy it.